PawPrint Cremation Containers

If you decide to cremate your paw-friend with us and you ask for the return of ashes, we have a few options available.

Candle Urn

Handmade and glazed in angelic white

A candle urn with a sleeping cat or dog figurine.

Light a candle in loving memory of your pet while preserving the ashes in this beautiful ceramic urn. Every urn is handmade and glazed in angelic white.

Included is a colourful range of tealight candles to help and guide you through the grieving process.


Jewelbox for the Little Pet Angels.

A beautiful suede box available in pink and blue.

The ashes are preserved in sealed plastic and placed inside an ornate material bag.

A special gift Bracelet is included in the box.


Elegantly Crafted

Keep your beloved pet’s ashes sealed in this elegantly crafted Kiaat casket with an engraved plaque.

Depending on the final amount of ashes, we provide either a small or larger casket.

The ashes are sealed in a plastic container inside.

Included with the casket is a beautiful scented candle that you can light when you reflect on memories of your beloved pet.


Jock Rock

Preserve your best friend’s ashes.

A rustic memorial garden rock to preserve your best friend’s ashes.

This holder can be placed outdoors, and is adorned with an engraved plaque. The ashes are sealed in plastic inside and the rock is sealed with a stopper.

Included with the Jock Rock are tealight candles, incense and a step by step guide to create your own garden funeral.


Scatter Box

For the Medium to Large Angels

A stylishly embossed golden memory box specially designed to keep the ashes of medium to large breeds.

Inside you will find everything you need to create the perfect farewell scatter ritual – a step by step guide, rose petals, lavender oil and handmade seed cups.


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We, the team of Paw Print believe that our animals have souls & that they join us in heaven. So when losing your best friend leaves you feeling at odds with those around you, when others don’t understand the depth of your loss, we would like to reassure you that we do.

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